This is a short digital story on Bob the Boat and the basics of sink and float. In the story, Bob the Boat’s lake adventures lead him to finds friends. These friends demonstrate to Bob the Boat the meaning of sink, float, buoyancy. Near the end of the story Bob the Boat understands density.

How can do I envision technology enhancing my student’s work?

Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash

I see blogging in classrooms enhancing students’ work in a multitude of ways. First and foremost creativity skills would evolve tremendously by giving them the opportunity to think outside the box. This creativity can be used in problem solving, artwork, and writing detailed stories. Blogging could increase communication skills, which could lead to more self confidence, helping their classmates, actively involved in classroom discussions. This self confidence could also be seen when hey are giving presentations. In “5 Reasons Educators Should Blog,” it states “writing requires reflection and greater understanding”. Students would be able to interact with other bloggers and getting outside perspectives, having this capability would give students the advantage writing creative, detailed, and researched reports. It would also help student with their editing skills, and they would learn to self correct their work.

Estela Jaramillo

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